Half Round Bamboo Poles

These bamboo half poles have all of the beauty and durability of our natural finish bamboo poles but come as convenient pre-cut halves. This gives you a big savings in time as you don’t have to stall or halt a project while you split poles yourself. And our Bamboo Half Rounds can be cut with the same conventional tools used for our whole poles; any fine toothed table saw, hack saw, hand saw or band saw can do the job.

Forever Bamboo™ uses only Tonkin and Moso bamboo varieties for our Half Round Poles and Split Halves. Like all of our products, these bamboo half rounds are made of only the highest quality commercial grade materials.

Our Half Round Poles have all of the same classic bamboo color and natural finish as our whole poles but have been precisely milled to have a smooth, flat back for easy application to walls, posts, palapas, etc.


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2" x 8' Bamboo Poles Half Rounds (20 Poles)

2" x 8' Bamboo Poles Half Rounds (20 Poles)

SKU: 91-N28
3" x 8' Bamboo Poles Half Rounds (10 Poles)

3" x 8' Bamboo Poles Half Rounds (10 Poles)

SKU: 91-N38
4" x 8' Bamboo Poles Half Rounds (8 Poles)

4" x 8' Bamboo Poles Half Rounds (8 Poles)

SKU: 91-N48

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Our Trained Staff is Happy To Help
If you would like to use a sealant on your bamboo but are not sure what sort is best, please call us for a recommendation. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist customers with any and all questions.

Customer service is important to us and we want you to get the most out of your bamboo purchase. So we will be happy to answer any installation, varnish, or other questions you may have about your bamboo half poles.

Sizes for Half Round Poles
The bamboo halves in our collection of quality poles are made from top grade Tonkin and Moso timber varieties of this versatile plant. Our half rounds come in a useful selection of sizes and lengths.

Our Tonkin half poles are 2” wide and come in 5 feet and 8 feet lengths. Moso half rounds come in 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch widths that are available in our standard 5’, 8’ and 10 foot pole lengths.

Discount Bundles Available
Our split bamboo poles are also available in economical multi-packs of 6, 8, 10 and 20 half rounds, for a discounted price over purchasing our single halves.

The Tonkin half rounds come in bundles of 20 poles. While our Moso split half poles are available in several pack counts depending on pole width: 3 inch wide halves come in packs of 10 ; 4 inch wide rounds come in 8 pole bundles; and our 5 inch wide half round multipacks come with 6 poles.

Our Bamboo Pole Halves Have Many Uses
Bamboo half rounds are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood building and landscaping materials. Our high quality bamboo half-rounds are suitable for any home improvement, gardening, interior design, or tiki bar application. You can use them in the same way you would any comparative wooden half round trim or post.

Plus there are many tropical style applications for our bamboo halves, as well as other creative ways to use them. Forever Bamboo’s half poles can be used to side a tiki bar or line a palapa. They can conceal structural columns in a restaurant or a basement. Or top an indoor tiki thatched half-roof. Give a garden a tropical touch or lend islands style spice to a kitchen.

These half round bamboo poles can also be used to decorate privacy fencing or edge exotic wall coverings.

Even decorate children’s play equipment. Bamboo half rounds can be used to make whimsical “gutters” on a play house. They can also be installed on a playset to give it a tropical islands look to fit with a backyard oasis.

Knock out the nodes on our bamboo half poles to make a decorative garden drain or Japanese style inspired fountain trough pipe. Cut into segments and use as border edging for a planting or pond.

Our half round bamboo is not just for outdoor projects, though. Use it indoors as a tropical chair rail or crown molding. Half rounds can also be used for railings and baseboards. Or use them to conceal ceiling beams in a tiki themed man cave. Use inside a palapa to add character to the underside of a solid beam roof.

When installed outdoors your bamboo will naturally age to a soft weathered gray. If you prefer the fresh, tropical tan of your bamboo you can preserve it by using a water based sealant or varnish. This will preserve the natural fresh color and protect it from weathering.

Forever Bamboo offers free shipping for 5’ and 8’ half round bamboo poles. Our 10’ split halves, however, require a freight charge because of weight and size.

Our poles are top quality products and we never ship cracked bamboo to our customers. The shipping process can cause bamboo halves to crack while in transit to the customer, though. Rounds that crack during shipping are still sound and can be used.