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Bac Bac Matting

Bac Bac Matting by Forever Bamboo is one of the more rustic styles of cabana matting that we offer to our customers. This decorative surfacing mat is hand-woven with durable banana tree bark strips that have been milled to a uniform size. The brown, tan, and warm gray color tones, combined with the natural texture of the tree bark, gives any application an organic, tropical island look. Bac Bac mats can be applied to any solid surface and are great for covering valances, lining tiki bars, tables, and more.

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About Bac Bac Mats

All of our Bac Bac mats are assembled from eco-friendly banana tree bark that is sourced directly from the Philippines. The banana bark strips are expertly cured and smoothed prior to the weaving process to ensure the highest quality standards are met. Once the bark strips are approved for quality, they are woven into 1 inch checkered patterns to replicate classic matting styles found on tropical palapas. Our Bac Bac matting is pliable and can be cut to any size or shape to fit your specific project.


Our hand woven Bac Bac matting has many different uses and can help enhance your living space or business. Traditionally, matting has been used as underlayment when building palapa and cabana roof tops. However, Bac Bac matting has an organic and earthy feel, great for covering walls, ceilings, tiki bars, and kitchen islands. Decorate your next island themed party with our Bac Bac matting rolls for an authentic and fun summer look. If you plan on using your matting outdoors we highly recommend applying a clear coat of polyurethane or varnish finish. This will not only provide additional sheen, it will also protect your matting from damage.

Environmentally Friendly

At Forever Bamboo, we have made sure to provide our customers with the highest quality, eco-friendly matting products. Our Bac Bac matting is made from durable banana bark that is pesticide and chemical free. This earth friendly building material can also be recycled instead of being disposed to help minimize pollution.

Easy Installation

Bac Bac matting is quick and easy to install. Start by smoothing any solid surface of your choice. Then, place the matting flat down and attach with glue, staples, or nails. Bac Bac matting is flexible and can be folded or curved to fit any area of application. You can also cut Bac Bac matting with a sharp scissor or blade for smaller applications. We suggest taping the back side of the matting before cutting to prevent fraying.

Quality Control

Before shipment to our customers, we inspect each matting roll to ensure quality assurance. We do not sell any matting products that are damaged or defected. Our suppliers also follow strict quality requirements and test matting products for maximum sustainability and durability. Forever Bamboo is committed to selling only the highest quality products to our valued customers.

Color Matching

Please keep in mind that our Bac Bac mats are a natural product. The color and texture of each individual mat will differ with each shipment. If you need help color matching an already existing product please feel free to contact us for help.


We offer free shipping and handling on most of our Bac Bac matting products. All of our matting products are pre-inspected before shipment.

DISCLAIMER: Banana bark is a natural resource that is woven into our Bac Bac mats. Each matting roll will be unique in color, character, texture, and design.

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