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Black Bamboo Poles

Decorating with black delivers a dramatic effect in any area, indoors or out, so why not consider black bamboo poles for your tropical remodeling project? If you have only seen natural bamboo in the typical honey-gold color, you're probably unaware that a special type of bamboo is naturally dark. Although it's called black bamboo, it's an organic product so the shade can actually range from soft black to a rich cocoa color. This special species of bamboo is ideal for adding striking accents to any room or for use as the focal point in your decor.

Black Bamboo Poles

The ideal example of using contrasting shades of bamboo can be on the walls. You can choose to create a wainscot with green, tortoise, or natural bamboo wall panels and finish it with black bamboo edging. You can also reverse the effect using dark chocolate paneling and natural-colored edging. Another idea is to use dark-colored bamboo poles to redo an existing piece such as a chair or a mirror. Just cover or replace the plain, boring wood of the frame with black bamboo to create a distinct piece of decor that compliments the entire room or area. Additionally, you can take a cue from HGTV1, and do an entire floor in dark bamboo and accent it with colorful area rugs.  

Now that you've got the idea, you can find all the black bamboo poles and other varying shades of bamboo materials you need at Forever Bamboo. From fencing and paneling to poles and borders, we carry a large selection of tropical products that will to transform any room, patio, or deck into an island paradise. Whether you choose black or lighter shades, all of our bamboo products are eco-friendly and affordable. Plus, you can stock-up because many items ship for free when you order from Forever Bamboo.

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