Half Round Natural Bamboo Poles

For your convenience, we offer our natural Tonkin and Moso bamboo poles cut in half. Save time, money and labor by getting split bamboo poles that fit your creative vision. They offer many of the same benefits as our standard bamboo poles while also saving you a step. Keep reading to learn more about half-round bamboo poles and their uses.

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Benefits of Half-Round Bamboo Poles

When you buy our bamboo halves, you can enjoy qualities like:

  • Tropical Island Beauty: Bamboo's inherent attractiveness makes it a no-brainer for tropical decoration.
  • A Natural, Polished Finish: Our half rounds have the same protective finish as our full-size bamboo poles. They also feature smooth backs so you can easily attach them to walls, outdoor structures and other flat surfaces.
  • Durability and Versatility: You can add bamboo decorations, furniture and structures to an indoor or outdoor environment. Bamboo's natural sturdiness lets you use it in all sorts of contexts.
  • Low Environmental Impact: Bamboo grows at such a fast rate that it replenishes itself quickly, so we don't have to worry about a shortage any time soon. We source our bamboo from organic growers who don't use chemicals or pesticides.

Types of Half-Round Bamboo Poles

For maximum control over the look and feel of your decor and projects, we offer our split bamboo poles in multiple sizes. Buy them in lengths of five feet, eight feet and ten feet with diameters ranging from two inches to five inches. If you decide to resize half rounds yourself, use any fine-toothed saw for a precise cut. Rest assured, you can expect that every piece of bamboo cut in half for your next to use for your next project.

Applications for Half-Round Bamboo Poles

Customers with all sorts of creative goals in mind can work with split bamboo poles. Use half-round bamboo poles for:

Of course, this isn't an extensive list. We're sure you can think of other uses for this multipurpose material.

Half-Round Bamboo Poles for Business Owners

Turning your resort, zoo, amusement park or other business into an island paradise? Try using bamboo half round poles in these ways to enhance your space's atmosphere:

  • Create wall sconces out of half-round bamboo pole sections
  • Cover structural columns and fences with half-rounds
  • Build gutters and decorative drains for fountains out of split bamboo poles
  • Install half-rounds as railing on stairs or baseboards
  • Replace cabinet and furniture handles
  • Conceal ceiling beams with a half-round bamboo pole

We offer our products in wholesale and for resale to meet your commercial needs. Make an inquiry or complete our wholesale form to learn how we can help your business.

Your Source for Quality Half-Round Bamboo Poles

We value friendly and helpful customer service, so we train our staff to help you solve your tropical decorating problems. Our team understands how to use our products for commercial spaces of all sizes. So, we can give you the advice you need to bring your paradise to life.

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