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Half Round Natural Bamboo Poles

Commercial Project?

At Forever Bamboo, we offer half round bamboo poles that are conveniently pre-cut into halves. Each of our half round poles is made from the highest quality Tonkin and Moso bamboo available. These durable half round poles have the same beauty, color, and strength as our natural finish bamboo pole products. Pre-cut poles save money, time, and additional labor work during the application process.

We are 100% committed to selling only top quality commercial grade products to our customers. Only the finest Tonkin and Moso poles are selected for our inventory and our half round poles are no different.

Half round bamboo poles have the same classic natural finish as our whole poles. Each half round pole has been precisely milled to have a smooth flat back for easy application to walls, posts, palapas, and more.

Free nationwide shipping on 5 Foot and 8 Foot Poles


Our Trained Staff is Happy to Help

Customer service is important to us and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide further recommendations about applications, installations, and ways of preserving and extending the life-span of your bamboo.

Sizes for Half Round Poles

Bamboo poles have a wide range of applications and are extremely flexible and durable. We sell both Tonkin and Moso natural finish half round poles that vary in size and length. Our Tonkin half round poles are available in 5 and 8 foot lengths with a 2 inch diameter width. Moso half round poles are larger and come in 5, 8, and 10 foot lengths with 3, 4, and 5 inch diameter widths.

If you choose to cut down half round poles yourself, use any fine toothed table, hack, hand, or band saw for preciseness.

(Note: These are industry standard sizes; all poles vary in character and color.)

Multi-Packs and Pole Bundles

We sell our bamboo poles in bundle packs to make ordering more economical. The number of poles available per bundle is determined by the pole size. Our Tonkin half round poles are available in packs of 20 while our Moso poles are available in 10, 8, and 6 bundle packs.

  • 3 inch diameter widths = 10 half round pole bundle packs
  • 4 inch diameter widths = 8 half round pole bundle packs
  • 5 inch diameter widths = 6 half round pole bundle packs

Half Round Bamboo Pole Uses

 Half Round bamboo poles are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood and landscaping building materials. Forever Bamboo’s half round bamboo poles are perfect for enhancing both outdoor and indoor living spaces. There are many creative ways to utilize half round poles to instantly create a tropical atmosphere.

Our high quality bamboo half rounds are ideal for any home improvement, gardening, interior design, or tiki bar application. Use Half round bamboo poles to line the sides of a tiki bar or palapa. Half round poles are great for concealing structural columns and covering rusted fences. You can also put a tropical touch on garden structures and kitchen cabinets.

Beautifully decorate children’s play equipment to match any tropical backyard oasis scheme. Or, conceal ceiling beams in a tiki hut or palapa to add character and elegance. Gutters and decorative garden drains can also be constructed from half round bamboo poles. Simply knock out the nodes of the half round bamboo poles to make a Japanese style fountain pipe.

For indoor use, half rounds can be used for railings, baseboards, or crown molding. Get even more creative by making furniture, tropical handicrafts, art canes, picture frames, jewelry, wind chimes, and more with our top quality half round bamboo poles.

Sealing Will Preserve Natural Finish

If you’re planning on installing your half round bamboo poles outdoors, we recommend coating the poles with a water-based sealant or varnish. We recommend using Cabots Australian Timber Oil, also available on our website. The sealant will prevent weathering and keep the original color looking like brand new.

Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional and popular wood building materials. Unlike traditional wood, bamboo doesn’t have to be killed in order to be harvested. Wood can take years before it grows back to a mature size. Each pole is cut at the root base allowing for regrowth over time. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and can grow up to 24 inches in just one day. Environmental benefits include a release of 35% more oxygen and soil erosion prevention. Bamboo is 100% renewable and is grown organically, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


We offer free shipping on our 5 foot and 8 foot long half round poles. Our 10 foot half round bamboo poles do not qualify for free shipping. Due to the weight and size of the 10 foot poles, each must be shipped freight.

Note: We carefully inspect our bamboo poles before shipment and never package cracked poles. Bamboo is a natural product and can develop cracks in transit due to changes in climate and handling by carriers. Cracked poles are still safe to use for any project.

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