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Mahogany Bamboo Fencing

Mahogany bamboo fencing is another modern alternative to our natural color fencing that adds a unique style to any living space. Our mahogany bamboo fencing comes stained in a rich red-brown color that best complements indoor design schemes. We offer many different sizing options, such as 3ft x 8ft, 4ft x 8ft, 6ft x 8ft, and 8ft x 8ft that each come in an inch width diameter.

For exterior use, we recommend that you seal the mahogany fencing. If the mahogany fencing is not sealed, it will fade overtime. Use Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil in Jarrah Brown.

About Our Mahogany Bamboo Fencing

Each one of our fences is constructed from high-quality, grade A bamboo poles that we specially hand-pick. Each pole is imported straight from the Anji region of China and tested further to ensure maximum durability. In order to prevent decay, we dry each pole and cap the top node, a step skipped by most. Mahogany fences are treated with a luxurious red-brown stain that gives an elegant and modern look to any tropical atmosphere. The poles are carefully laced together with sturdy, galvanized steel wire to create durable and beautiful bamboo fence panels. Our unique selection of bamboo fences can also be cut and shaped to fit any space within your home, garden or patio.

Environmentally Friendly Mahogany Fences

Bamboo is a highly sustainable resource that doesn’t have to be killed in order to be harvested. The bamboo is cut directly at the base of the roots, allowing for immediate regrowth. This speedy regeneration process also prevents soil erosion from damaging the environment.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and can grow up to 2 inches in just one hour! Compared to other plants, bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere and helps improve the global warming epidemic. With the rise in environmental awareness, bamboo is a smart alternative to other hardwood building materials.

Bamboo fencing Uses - Indoor & Outdoor

Not only can bamboo fencing be used outdoors, but it can also be used indoors as well. Bamboo fences can be used to make beautiful headboards, wall décor or even room dividers for privacy. This aesthetically pleasing fence is also great for enhancing any outdoor garden, walkway or patio. The mahogany bamboo fence is easy to install and works well with all different types of landscaping designs.


During our busy summer season, shipping and processing can take up to two business days. If a shipment is urgent, we do offer same-day shipping with an additional shipping charge. Please feel free to call our friendly representatives for more information. They will be happy to answer your questions.

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