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Bamboo Fencing – Real Bamboo for your Home

Bamboo fencing is ideal for any backyard space and looks beautiful near pool and garden areas. If you already have an existing wood, vinyl, or chain-link fence, bamboo fencing can easily be installed over these fences. Bamboo is a sturdy, flexible green building material by nature and is built to withstand different weather conditions. You can extend the life of bamboo even more by coating the poles with Cabot Australia Timber Oil. No matter what area of the backyard you want to enhance, Forever Bamboo has the tropical products you need to get started.

bamboo fencing walkway

Bamboo Fencing is Versatile and flexible

Enhancing an existing fence with natural bamboo can be done within just a few short hours. For chain-link fences, use zip ties or sturdy wire to attach the bamboo fencing. If you already have a wooden or vinyl fence installed, use either nails or a staple gun. Unlike most fences, bamboo can be cut to any desired length. Simply cut the top of the fence with a sharp chop saw to make the bamboo pole pieces shorter. Both urban and suburban living spaces can benefit from eco-friendly fencing to help aid as a privacy screen. With the push for green building materials, bamboo fencing is the perfect way to incorporate green practices into your home. Natural, black, burnt, and mahogany fencing options look great with contemporary or modern settings. You can also create a Zen atmosphere near a garden pond or Jacuzzi by installing sections of bamboo fencing in those areas of your home.

When it comes to giving your backyard a makeover, consider Forever Bamboo’s eco-friendly bamboo fencing. Fencing constructed with real bamboo is not only versatile, but affordable compared to other fencing options such as wood, vinyl, and chain-link. The striking colors of each bamboo fence will add a touch of the tropics to any area of your living space. Forever bamboo carefully inspects each fence prior to shipment to ensure each customer receives only the finest quality bamboo on the market.


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