Natural Bamboo Poles

Our natural finish Moso and Tonkin bamboo poles feature various shades of warm yellow, beige, and smooth tropical tan colors. Tonkin and Moso bamboo poles naturally come in these colors, and we wanted to offer an option that shows them off. You can pair these poles with our natural bamboo fencing and Mexican palm thatch for an authentic tropical theme. Or, combine them with other products to create an ambiance all your own. Depending on how you use them, natural-colored bamboo poles can add all sorts of moods to an area. Browse our selection of bamboo poles in natural colors or keep reading to learn more.

Free nationwide shipping on 5 Foot and 8 Foot Poles


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Multi-Packs and Pole Bundles

We provide convenient bundle quantities that vary by diameter and type. The number of poles available per bundle depends on pole size. Availability varies, but wider poles generally come in smaller packs, while smaller sizes come in bundles of higher quantities. Order your bamboo poles in multiple bundles if you need a large quantity for your project.

Natural Bamboo Pole Sizes

Our bamboo poles are available in lengths of 5', 6', 8' and 10'. Most of our bamboo pole offerings also come in 1", 1.25", 2", 3", 4" and 5" diameters. Note: Actual pole size and diameter may differ from standard measurements due to natural variance and growth in our bamboo poles.

Some projects may require pre-cut lengths or diameters not available in our online store. Contact us online or at 877-912-2244 for more information about custom orders.


We offer free shipping on our 5 foot and 8 foot long natural finish poles. All 10 foot natural bamboo poles do not qualify for free shipping. Due to the weight and size of the 10 foot poles, each must be shipped freight.

Note: We carefully inspect our bamboo poles before shipment and never package cracked poles. Bamboo is a natural product and can develop cracks in transit due to changes in climate and handling by carriers. Cracked poles are still safe to use for any project.

Moso and Tonkin Bamboo Pole Delivery

Our 5' and 8' natural bamboo poles ship for free nationwide. However, our 10' poles don't qualify. Since the 10' bamboo poles must ship freight, they involve different pricing and logistics than the other varieties.

Additionally, your poles may arrive with minor cracks. We inspect every bamboo shipment for damage before we send it out. Any cracks you may find happen because of changes in environment or carrier handling. You can still use a cracked pole safely for your projects.

Natural Pole Uses

Forever Bamboo’s natural finish bamboo poles are perfect for enhancing spaces. Thanks to bamboo's strength and versatility, you can use our poles for both interior and exterior applications. It has a lighter weight than most kinds of wood, making it easier to work with. You can use a wide range of tools, adhesives and craft materials to attach, cut and modify bamboo poles. Below are a few ideas and examples of what you can create with our durable and versatile bamboo materials:

  • Ten-foot poles are ideal for building a romantic wedding arch for a beach or tropical themed reception. We also recommend using them to create a contemporary gazebo or Tiki bar.
  • Eight-foot and 5' poles can be used to make custom fences, exotic wall coverings, or borders for your backyard. Bamboo poles instantly give a tropical feel to any home or business improvement project.
  • When it comes to garden enhancement, bamboo poles are also a popular choice. Natural finish bamboo poles can be used as stakes for exotic flowers, plants, and vegetables. You can also tie poles together and make a tripod to provide sturdy support for all growing plants. Garden trellises for tomatoes and vines can be made from our natural finish bamboo poles too. The warm blend of beiges, tans, and yellows give an additional earthy feel to all garden atmospheres. If used in an exterior environment, bamboo will weather as your plants grow, creating a rustic charm.
  • Bamboo poles can be cut to make signs for your business or Tiki bar. Use a jigsaw to carefully cut designs or letters of your choice. To finish, light the inside of the pole with a fluorescent tube or LED light.
  • Use bamboo as a material for handicrafts, accessories, decor, furniture and more. Our natural bamboo poles serve as a sustainable alternative to timber for creating whatever you envision.

If your project requires half round poles, you can split the full round poles into halves. However, you can also purchase pre-cut poles that save you time, effort and money. We offer a wide selection of half round poles on our website available in natural colors. In applications that mainly need split poles, you may benefit more from buying them already cut.

Bamboo Lifespan and Care

Depending on climate, bamboo structures can last twenty years or longer. Proper care and maintenance will ensure you get the most out of your natural bamboo poles. If you use your poles in an exterior space, keep them away from foliage and other debris. If needed, clean your bamboo regularly with a combination of water and bleach or an eco-friendly wood cleaner. While interior bamboo poles have much less exposure to the elements, keeping them clean will also extend their lifespans. No matter where you use your poles, applying a sealant will make them last the longest.

Sealing Will Preserve Natural Finish

A water-based sealant or varnish adds extra protection to your bamboo, especially in exterior applications. We recommend using Amteco Total Wood Protectant (TWP). Since sealant comes in natural-looking tints, you can also use it to change your bamboo's appearance. A darker or redder shade completely changes a space's ambiance, so feel free to experiment with different colors on scrap pieces. Choose from tones such as black walnut, dark oak, cedartone and light cedar.

Bamboo Poles for Home Use

Homeowners can use bamboo poles to complement their interior and exterior areas. Bamboo decoration involves methods available to creatives of all skill levels. Backyards, gardens and rooms alike can benefit from the touch of the tropics that bamboo provides. Even renters can attach poles to their own possessions or use lease-compliant hanging materials. Our customer support team can help you determine materials and dimensions if you need assistance with your home project.

Wholesale Natural Bamboo Poles for Businesses

Businesses like parks, zoos and restaurants work with us to beautify their commercial spaces. Companies outside the service industry, like offices, can also find something to use in our store. To help entrepreneurs create profitable business areas, we offer commercial quotes for resellers and bulk orders. Request one using our convenient online form, and one of our team members will get back to you to discuss your potential purchase.

Contact Our Customer Service

At Forever Bamboo, it is our goal to provide only the highest quality products to our customers.  If interested, try before you buy with a sample box! Place your order within 45 days of purchasing your samples and get $25 off. This makes your sample box FREE! We have one of the largest inventories of tropical decor in the industry, and we want every item to exceed your expectations. If you have any questions about our products or need help with custom projects, please contact our expert staff at 877-912-2244. Our team assists customers over the phone Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST. Outside of those hours, visit our online contact page to submit a question. We will get in touch within 48 hours of your submission.

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